What is the difference of Christmas traditions around the wo

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What is the difference of Christmas traditions around the wo

Berichtdoor trananh » 27 okt 2016 05:00

What is the difference of Christmas traditions around the world?
Christmas is considered the biggest holiday of the year. It is a time to show your loved ones that you love them even more by showering them with presents at this time. It’s also a time that happiness, hopes, and loves are showed by everyone. So What is the difference of Christmas traditions around the world? Let’s see and we will get it more.

1. England

In England, people often decorate the Christmas tree with many colors, many lovely items on it. They will have a big party on 25th of the 12th. For them, the 25th is more important than 24th. In this country, Turkey is a must have the meal of this time of year and it is considered the main meal of the Christmas dinner. And after the Turkey, the father will divide the cake into pieces and give them to his kids; the kid with the coin into the cake will be received lucky in the New Year.

In the evening, the kids also write a letter to show presents they want and sent it to Father Christmas. England is also the first country displayed the mistletoe which showed the happiness and peace at this time.

Christmas traditions around the world?

2. America

This is the country which is considered a place with the variety of cultures. The activities in this day will depend on the traditional of each family. Children in Hawaii believe that the Father Christmas will come from a boat while the children in Alaska bring some stars and sing to happy Christmas.

Days till Christmas 2016

3. Australia

In this country, the Father Christmas travels in a sleigh being pulled by eight kangaroos, not by a sleigh. The Christmas day here is considered a tradition of giving presents and sports events taking place. For example baseball game and sailing.

Christmas traditions around the world 3

4. New Zealand

Christmas will be held in the summer. The Father Christmas will use a little cold beer instead of hot water. The family will have a picnic or a cuisine and have a party there.

Christmas traditions around the world 4

5. China

Christian houses will be decorated with many types of lights. The Christmas tree also will be decorated with paper flowers, paper lights, and with different colors. The children often use the socks to receive the presents of Father Christmas.

Christmas traditions around the world 5

6. Vietnam

In Vietnam, Christmas holiday is not only for Christian, it can be for many people to attend. The Christian come to the church to pray, and their kids can have so much candy from the church, many other people can come to the church to visit or take some pictures to keep the memories of that time. The cards are displayed anywhere and the people who put the Father Christmas clothes go on the street…

Christmas traditions around the world 6

Here is just the difference of some countries around the world. Each of countries will have a typical Christmas tradition depend on the culture and customs. I hope you will have more information about this writing and will have a great time with your family and your friend at this important time of the year.
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